Light up your skin with AMLY glow boosters

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We have four Guardians of Glow duos from this Sussex-based brand to give away – each set worth £92 – to give away…

Once upon a time, back in the last century, we had a lightbulb moment about skincare. We both chose to eat organic food, mostly opted for natural therapies, and then we woke up to the fact that synthetic chemicals in skincare might not be the best thing for touchy skin. (And, also, that they could make their way through the skin into our bodies without being filtered by the liver, unlike what we eat.)

Beyond that, we also just love the feeling of stroking on ingredients from herbs, flowers and other natural sources that have been used for centuries and still work brilliantly today. AMLY is a wonderful example of a small range of skin-cherishing products, inspired by an organic wildflower meadow in East Sussex.

AMLY is the Old English name for the meadow at Hawthbush Farm where co-founder Elisa Smallpeice lives and works with her family. After a career in fine arts, she yearned to live as sustainably as possible and moved there nine years ago. The AMLY meadow is home to an array of native herbs, rare orchids and medicinal plants and it was then that Elisa and her friend Kerry Moore, a facialist, homeopath and craniosacral therapist, saw the potential for creating a truly holistic capsule range of products.

Deep beneath the meadow flows an artesian spring, rich in minerals and silver salts, which Kerry and Elisa use in their wonderful facial mists. Fascinatingly, no one knew the spring was there until the business partners, searching for a natural water source, invited a dowser to the farm. He discovered the ancient spring 100 metres below the meadow.

We’d been using and loving AMLY Digital Detox Face Mist at our desks for some time before discovering the rest of the range. Now we’re pretty well addicted to AMLY. And, although the range really deserves the cliché of being a ‘well-kept secret’, we keep being told recently that people have ‘discovered a wonderful natural range – bit of a secret but…’. And, yes, it always turns out to be AMLY.

For this very special prize draw, Elisa and Kerry allowed us to choose the products we thought you would most like at this time of the year, as the days draw in and with parties and jollity on the horizon. 

To give your face a light bulb moment, we chose the Guardians of Glow duo. This consists of:

Radiance Boost Silver Rich Face Mist (normally £30 for 30 ml) – brimming with moisture-boosting botanicals, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides and plant probiotics, to revive tired skin. Just shake the bottle, shut your eyes and spray with this illuminating cocktail.

Day Light Super-Fine Face Oil (£72 for 30ml) – protects elasticity and gives lustre, and we love that the oil contains fireweed and ginger root for their anti-ageing properties as well as oils of pomegranate, prickly pear and buruti fruit. And, yes, you absolutely can apply it for daytime without turning into an oil slick; in fact, it makes a wonderful base for foundation. Pat and press on damp skin after you have misted.

We truly believe you will be as big fans as we are when you try the AMLY products. For more information about AMLY – or to explore the range (please do!) – visit and dream of wandering in that wildflower meadow.

But don't forget to enter the prize draw now. All you have to do is fill in the form!

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 21st November 2018