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10 lucky Beauty Bible readers will win a supply of this 14-strain probiotic from Bio-Kult, worth over £33 each...

We all know about the benefits of probiotic supplements for our digestive systems – how they help replenish the good bacteria that get depleted by age, stress, pollution, antibiotics and the rest. And very helpful they are too if you have any sort of sensitive tummy, as we have found over the years. But what isn’t so well known is how probiotics like Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formula can improve our skin.

We first heard about the gut/skin connection many years ago from a French gastro-enterologist who told us (imagine the French accent) ‘your skin ees simply your gut on ze outside’.  In fact, one study showed that, after just 12 weeks of supplementing with a strain included in this multi-strain product, there was a significant reduction in wrinkle depth and improved skin gloss (love the word!). Also, skin elasticity increased by nearly 14 per cent, which is really impressive.

Bio-Kult explains that live bacteria supplements, taken orally, have been shown to help increase skin hydration, protect against sun damage from UV rays, and also to help produce the nutrients needed for collage formation.

We truly trust the brand by the way for its dedication to research and the quality of its products. Sarah visited the Somerset HQ recently and was hugely impressed.

A happy gut flora helps our body break down and absorb nutrients, which then circulate to every cell in our bodies.  So it’s not just our skin that benefits but hair too.  (They do suggest consuming good sources of protein as well, including pasture fed meat, free-range eggs, wild fish, nuts and seeds.) Oh, and by helping your digestive system, it could help any bad breath problems too.

We hope you are as convinced as we are of the multiple health and beauty benefits of live bacteria supplements like Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formula.  You can find lots more details about this product and others by visiting

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