Win a Great Day with new Neom Organics Body Oil

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Slather yourself in Daily Superskin Body Oil by NEOM Organics – we have 12 full size Daily Superskin Body Oils to give away, value £30 each

Just suppose you could stroke your body with happiness every day. Wouldn't that be the loveliest way to start off? And that’s just what fab British brand NEOM Organics is offering with their new range of Body Oils.

NEOM’s name is synonymous with super-luxe, super-natural skincare, expertly formulated to nourish your mind as well as your body (and there’s a facial oil now too).  Wellbeing is in the brand’s DNA and we love the fact that the 100 per cent natural blends fragrancing these gorgeous products focus on supporting us through the day and being positive. None more so than the Scent To Make You Happy range, which includes two uplifting blends, Happiness ™ and Great Day™.

As Neom co-founder Nicola Elliott says, ‘happiness is such an individual thing but everyone agrees that it starts with a positive frame of mind’.  And slathering on Daily Superskin Body Oil to kick off a rainy grey Monday did just that when the Beauty Bible team tried this new offering, which smells delightfully of Great Day™ Fragrance, a mood-lifting blend of the purest possible essential oils, including wild mint and mandarin.

As well as inhaling the fragrance, simply applying the oils makes you feel better – the ritual of smoothing and soothing is so comforting.  Plus, of course, your skin feels deliciously soft and supple and if you have any tendency to dry Sahara-like skin, as most of us have, looks immeasurably better – almost transformed, we’d say as we gaze at our arms while writing this.  (The oils are really quickly absorbed so no need to wait around before dressing.)

As well as Daily Superskin, there are three more versions of the new Body Oils: Real Luxury, Energy Burst and Perfect Night’s Sleep.  All blissful, as we expect from Neom, but we asked if we could share Daily Superskin Body Oil with you because it’s our favourite (by a squeak). It’s perfect for summer as it’s infused with a complex of vitamins, including A, E and F, to help protect your skin against damage.  As well as safflower and jojoba oils, Daily Superskin contains added argan oil for mega-moisturising power.

We do strongly suggest you look at the website,, where you can order online and also browse lots of wellbeing tips and information. Neom have recently launched their Real Wellbeing campaign on Instagram asking people about the small steps that really make a difference to their wellbeing, from taking the dog for a walk, having a cuddle, a soak in the bath before bed or unwinding with friends – you can get involved too @neomorganics.

For a chance of winning a Neom Organics Daily Superskin Body Oil, simply fill in the form below.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 25th July 2018