Willow Organic Beauty

There are precious few luxury organic brands - but Willow's 'makeover' turns cleansing, toning and moisturising into an indulgent treat... This brand's been on our radar for a while - but we predict that with its new look, Willow will now get the attention it deserves, from a wider public.  Founded by an ex-interior designer Sue Stowell (who now has her two appropriately willow-y daughters working alongside her), Willow now looks gorgeous, with its silver lids and the black grosgrain bows on the boxes.

But it's what's inside the rather sexy jars that we find sexy:  the range is formulated around prickly pear (also known as the 'miracle fig', or Barbary fig.  In fact, the products have been turbo-charged (alongside the packaging), to make Willow a serious contender in the anti-ageing stakes.  We have literally only just got our eager paws on the products, so can't report on long-term changes - but we're especially liking the following...

•  Brightening & Balancing Toner.  OK, so we're not fans of toners generally, but we're loving this!  It's an innovative pump-action gel which you apply to damp cotton wool and smooth over cleansed skin, and it truly does leave skin feeling smooth, soft, comfortable.  (Lovely orange blossom fragrance, too.)

•  Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream Mask.  Definitely an occasional treat, at this price, but it feels heavenly on skin, plumping and nourishing with that Barbary fig, nettle essence and elderflower extract.  Just blissful.

 Super Oil Serum.  There are quite a few serums in the range - a bit of a Willow signature, we'd say.  This is the top-of-the-range model, packed with Barbary fig oil, rosehip and rose oil (so:  a lovely smell, while you smooth this rich blend into skin).

They're all Soil Association-certified, and - we hope - will also be coming to spas near you, too;  we long for a really pampering organic experience and are just waiting for facialists to snap this range up PDQ...!

UK readers find Willow Organic Beauty at www.willowbeautyproducts.co.uk/from £12 - 90 - buy here