Weleda Cold Weather Cream

OUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC COLD-WEATHER MOISTURISER Come snow, come hail, come biting winds:  we're ready, with this brilliant barrier against the elements.  A serious steal (just £7.95 for 30 ml), Cold Weather Cream blends beeswax with naturally-protective lanolin and sweet almond oil in a rich, nourishing, truly skin-shielding cream.  What's more, it features biodynamically-grown calendula, which soothes chapped skin, making it ideal for sore noses and lips - whether as a result of streaming colds or freezing weather.

Weleda recommend mixing it with make-up for light coverage that packs a moisturising punch (we've tried it and it works), or mixing with lip gloss.

Technically it's from Weleda's baby range - but it's certainly a great way to 'baby' adult skin.

And worth stockpiling along with the logs, salt and grit, as an insurance policy against Arctic weather.

UK readers find Weleda Cold Weather Cream at www.lovelula.com/£7.95 for 30 ml - buy here (and remember to add the code bb13 at checkout for a 5% discount at Love Lula)