Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil

Weleda Body Oils are a phenomenon:  amazingly high quality body oils, at a truly steal-like price.  This bottle, for instance, retails for just £9.95 for 300 ml - a fraction of some competitors.  (And no, we don't know how they do it - because it's not by skimping on quality.) This vegan-friendly Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil is zesty, zippy, ultra-refreshing - and infused with the oil from organic lemons ethically sourced from family farms on the island of Sicily.  (Sicilian lemons are legendary.)

It takes 100 kilos of lemons to produce just 30g of this lemon essential oil - and the juice that's extracted from the fruit goes into Weleda's elixir, natural medicines and tonics, so there's no waste.

The extraordinary thing is that the fragrance itself smells like something much more complex - like an aromatherapy-blended oil that's been specifically created to wake you up on a sluggish morning.

We're slurping it onto late-summer skin (dry shins especially seem to drink it up) - and just love, love, loving the scent.

And as for a beauty bargain?  Always love those.

UK readers find Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil/£9.95 for 300 ml at www.weleda.co.uk - buy here