We heart Charlotte Rampling...

In the 'Season of the Lip' (more so than almost any in our beauty editorship memories), NARS has launched a marvellous new lipsticks: exquisitely creamy, pigment-rich, very hydrating - and with one of the sexiest cases we've seen in a long while: matte black, magnetic (a VERY satisfying 'click' action), and designed by genius Fabien Baron. But the other reason we truly take our hat off to NARS is for choosing Charlotte Rampling as the face for Audacious Lipstick. She's no youthful babe; instead, a beautiful, ageing gracefully woman who still oozes sensuality and intelligence. As François Nars explains, 'Charlotte is a favourite actress of mine... She has such a strong beauty. It's tough and full of charisma - which is, I think, very similar to the essence of NARS'.

Couldn't agree more. Bravo, NARS: this sends such a positive message to the beauty industry. You can probably hear us clapping, from wherever you are.

UK readers find NARS Audacious Lipstick at www.uk.spacenk.com/£24 - buy here