Win one of four CULT51 Neck & Décolleté Firming Cream worth £90


We lavish TLC on our faces – but what about below the jawline? The delicate and vulnerable skin on your neck and décolleté is just as much in need and shows the same signs of age – lines and wrinkles, sags and bags, and brown patches. Well, sigh no more, ladies. Truly fabulous CULT51 Neck & Décolleté Cream is here to effect a transformation.

Just before we tell you more about this particular product, here’s a little story about the same brand’s Day Cream. Four weeks ago, our website coordinator Jessie Lawrence opened an email from a tester. No surprise there, as Jessie organises all the Beauty Bible tester panels. But this was a bit different. It was a (rather good) poem of four verses, titled ‘Ode to CULT51’ and it was from a tester who had trialled the Day Cream. She called it ‘a touch of heaven’ and thanked the brand for ‘saving my time-ravaged skin’.

We can’t write poetry but we can put our hands on our hearts and swear that this new CULT51 launch is definitely worth a paean of praise.

Every morning and evening for over two months, Sarah has been assiduously stroking on this light serum-like cream. The most stunning result has been on her décolleté, which was a bit crêpe-y, wrinkly, and uneven-toned with a scattering of brown age spots – despite having had moisturisers applied daily there and on her neck for years.

As longtime beauty editors, we tend to be sceptical but the results of this blend of botanicals, Moroccan argan nut oil and stabilised vitamin C are truly amazing. That upper bosom area is now soft, much, much, much smoother – the lines Sarah had thought embedded now softened to vanishing point, and the skin visibly brighter. The bracelets of fine lines and wrinkles round her long neck are fainter and again the skin looks softer, slightly firmer, more hydrated and all round healthier. 

Independent clinical tests of 30 respondents using the product over six weeks showed an instant lifting effect on the neck, with noticeably improved skin firmness and hydration, wrinkle depth reduced by an average of nearly a half over the trial period and age spots faded by up to 25 per cent. Pretty stellar results for this gardenia-scented cream.

So don't wait a moment longer! For a chance of winning one of four CULT51 Neck & Decolleté Firming Creams (usually £90 for 30ml) just fill in the form below.  For more information about CULT51 and to order online, visit

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 23rd January 2019