Maternelle Mum To Be range

We have a pregnant team member. (Yay!) The lovely Lily de Kergeriest Gutierrez (yes, that's really her name) is expecting a babe in February, so we've got someone to put pregnancy products truly through their paces. Here's what she thought of Waitrose's affordable new Maternelle range...
'This whole collection has reminded me that a valid part of pregnancy is taking time to look after and appreciate your body for all the hard work it's been doing. These products felt like a real treat: pampering but also practical, things to help you and your body as it changes every day. (And what changes...!)
The Relaxing Bath Soak really was so relaxing, it forces you to stop stressing and sink deeper into the tub. The scent is hypnotising: soft and subtle like a cashmere blanket - you almost don't realise you're under the spell of the soak until you realise the water is cold.
Before my discovery of the Maternelle Stretch Mark Cream the skin on my hips was starting to resemble something like an alligator's back: coarse and prehistoric feeling! I was surprised by how quickly my body was stretching and growing in pregnancy and I couldn't find an oil or cream to keep up with my growth spurt. The Maternelle Stretch Mark Cream is different. It calmed my skin, reduced irritation and hydrated sore areas so quickly that within days I felt human again.
Another pregnancy pain I hadn't anticipated (it's all new to me) is aching legs and feet - but the Maternelle Reviving Leg & Foot Gel really is proving the perfect cure. It cools and calms aching feet with aloe vera, while the peppermint works to deliver a light tingling sensation.
Truly, for any mum-to-be on a budget, this range is quite a find. (Though I'm not quite at the point of being able to put the Nipple Cream through its paces...!)'
UK readers find Maternelle Mum To Be/from £4.99 for the Relaxing Bath Soak and Reviving Leg and Foot Gel to £5.99 for the Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream and Nipple Cream at Waitrose stores - click here to find your nearest store