Waitrose Garden Bergamot & Jasmine Hand Cream

This is so unbelievably affordable we slightly had to double-check, at the Waitrose checkout. £2.50 for a hand cream this silkifying and softening? (Never mind that it smells aromatically like something about five times the price, frankly.) Jasmine scampers over zesty bergamot in the scent of this cream, which ticks all our hand cream boxes: sinks in fast (and thus passes the 'door handle test, without trapping us in a loo while it's absorbed), really softening - much-needed, right now - and a serious steal.

There's a matching Hand Wash, should you be so inclined - and you'll still make barely a dent in the housekeeping.

UK readers find Waitrose Garden Bergamot & Jasmine Hand Cream at www.waitrose.com/£2.50 for 75ml