Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Looking for a great new moisturiser and something to work on under-eye baggage? Mixing and matching products as we do, we rarely stumble across two at once that impress us - individually - the way that this moisturiser and eye roll-on have.

First off, the moisturiser, Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light. Just brilliant for combination skins, with an almost 'bouncy' texture and a very pretty, light smell. (Nothing overwhelming; we hate that in a moisturiser.) It's a fantastic drink of water for thirsty skins - and yes, your skin can be thirsty, even if it's prone to oiliness. (There's a Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich option, for drier types.) It sinks right in for instant silkiness. We defy you not to keep just touching your face!

Second, Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-on, at a very good price. The absolute total best way to work on puffiness, we have found, is to physically 'drain' the area with the assistance of cold metal. The rollerball feels almost icy when it glides over skin - and we love that. Used in an outward, smoothing direction, fluid is dispersed very rapidly.The lightweight hydrogel also helps with under-eye dehydration - and no, it doesn't irritate our sensitive eyes.

A terrific 'double-whammy', from this great French pharmacy brand, putting it firmly back on our beauty radar. (And yours, we hope.)

UK readers find Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light and Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-on at£16 for 50 ml and £14.25 for 15 ml - buy here