V76 by Vaughn

We don't often feature men's grooming products on this site, but couldn't resist - because we know Vaughn Acord, and if ever a man embodied 'good-grooming' and 'glowing good looks' (time to blush, Vaughn), it's him. (See him below.) Jo met Vaughn on a shoot for Vanity Fair, when he got her husband Craig camera-ready. (Quite a story: it was upstate New York, and the assembled cast of 'Nourishers' - which included Alice Waters and award-winning chef Dan Barber - nipped outside in freezing temperatures for the pictures, warmed by giant outdoor heaters. Ironically, it was for their 'green' issue.)

Now Vaughn's successful V76 by Vaughn range has launched at SpaceNK, free from sulphates, petroleum, mineral oil - and gluten-free, which is pretty hard-to-find in a men's range, and it covers everything from Energising Shampoo and Conditioner through to Lip Balm 76 via Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream.

Vaughn works with Bill Clinton, Richard Gere, Ashton Kutcher, Al Pacino and Bruce Springsteen.  Oh, and Craig Sams.

UK readers find V76 by Vaughn at www.uk.spacenk.com/£11 - 26 - buy here

Vaughn Accord