Ushvani Kaffir Lime Cane Body Scrub

We've buffed our way through a few body scrubs in our time (not least because they're one of our fave product categories), but this is one of our best-ever finds. It's the smell, you see: a really zesty, uplifting and very lime-y scent which has us zinging in the shower. (As it were.) From an organic salon and spa in Chelsea which has scooped Best UK Day Spa in the Condé Nast Traveller Awards 2015, this is luxe-priced - but it's a whacking great jar that'll last you ages. (It will also save you having to apply body oil/lotion/butter to areas you've used it on, as the oil base is richly nourishing and leaves skin velvet-soft. There is, though - if you can't get enough of that lime scent - a 'matching' Ushvani Coconut & Lime Butter, which Jo raved about here.)

In a life so frenzied currently that a spa outing is a mere pipe dream, this honestly is one of the next-best-things.

UK readers find Ushvani Kaffir Lime Cane Body Scrub at£48 for 250 ml