UrbanVeda Body Scrubs

True Ayurvedic beauty involves rituals like dripping warm oil onto the forehead, and prescribing specific foods that are good for different 'doshas' - the physical and emotional tendencies in our minds and bodies. It originated in India 5,000 years ago. Aveda was the first mainstream range to tap into this idea, but now along comes UrbanVeda with some very affordable products for face and skin, which we're finding hugely pleasing to our senses.

We've particularly enjoyed the Body Scrubs, which come in four options:  Purifying (Ayurvedic neem, scented with invigorating wild mint, eucalyptus and witch hazel), Radiance (turmeric, along with a botanical infusion of marigold, patchouli and coriander), Reviving (rose, plus pomegranate juice, rose Damask flower water and jasmine), and Soothing (a lovely grounding blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, arjuna heartwood and organic aloe vera). The first and the last are our personal faves, but we're looking forward to trying facial skincare from the range, and more of the body treats.

Excellent for in-shower use:  there's walnut shell, peach seed powder and pumice, so if you do want to use in the bath, wait till the last minute to avoid 'Gritty Bottom Syndrome'.

Are they 'rebalancing' us?  Only time will tell.  But meanwhile, they sure smell great.

UK readers find UrbanVeda Body Scrubs at www.urbanveda.co.uk/£8.99 for 200 ml - buy here