Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask

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One of the reasons we adore - ADORE! - face masks is the instruction on the back to, say, 'Apply the mask and relax for 20 minutes'.  Frankly, we're happy to do as we're told. But sometimes a super-fast fix is required - and this, from a 'steal' of a range by one of Britain's überfacialists, is just that.  A really, really fast skin-wakener.

It's super-sludgey and so fun to apply, and although it's packed with kaolin clay, Dead Sea muds (and salicylic acid, to unclog those pores), it doesn't go hard and uncomfy.  That's probably down to the fact it's packed with avocado and acacia honey, too.  Most clay masks make our dry skins scream for relief, but this is bliss.

Remove with a wet flannel, after just five minutes, and skin looks noticeably much, much brighter, vibrant and refreshed.

And surely, even the busiest of us has five minutes, in the quest for better skin...?

Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask/£9.99 for 125 ml - buy here