Tropic Body Smooth Polish

This is one of the many products in the goodie bag we hauled back from this year's Cosmetic Executive Women Product Demo evening which has impressed us hugely. (Read about the event here.) Timely, too: right now, we're just - just! - starting to realise that pretty soon, arms, legs and other areas of winter-neglected skin will be on show. (We're pretty diligent about neck-to-toe care, during the cold months - but even our skins could do with revving up.)

There could not be a nicer way to do just that than this lovely, citrussy scrub, from a small, ethical natural skincare company that's newly on our radar. (But we'll be exploring more, now.)

100% natural and 100% uplifting, based on salt and sea minerals with oils of lemon myrtle and bergamot giving a fabulous lemony whooshy, while a bit of grounding patchouli pulses underneath.

It's a double-whammy treatment because the base oils (including vitamin E) moisturise beautifully - so no need to follow with lotion or cream, if you're feeling l-a-z-y.

Ace swag. So when it's run out, we're delighted to find out replenishments are really quite affordable.

UK readers find Tropic Body Smooth Polish at£15 for 100 ml - buy here