Tromborg Below 10 Degrees Cream

For a face cream to be truly useful in the UK at this particular juncture, it should probably have the words 'rain-proof' and 'wind-proof' in the name, rather than refer to how well it protects against the cold.  That's just the kind of winter we're having, so far. But when Arctic temperatures finally rush in, this lush cream - from a Danish brand - is what you want, for protection:  enriched with mango kernel butter, macadamia nut, a seaweed extract from the Bay of Biscay, and an ingredient called Tamarindus Indica seed extract (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin-silkifying), it's brilliant for protecting against dehydration and low temperatures.  (And the second of those often leads to the first...)

It's said to be good for broken capillaries, and irritated skin:  our sensitive complexions love it.  The range itself is really interesting, too:  lots of fabulous natural products for face, body (and make-up), currently making their way into Debenhams stores.

That's where you'll find this cream, and the Tromborg range, while their UK website's sorted out.  Definitely worth checking out.

Just hope you don't get soaked getting there...

UK readers find Tromborg Below 10 Degrees Cream at branches of Debenhams UK/£85 for 50 ml;  for more info visit their site at