Trilogy Jua Natural Perfume

We're often asked about all-natural fragrances - and there are precious few around. But Trilogy - one of our (and your) favourite natural skincare brands - has launched their debut fragrance, based on an all-natural sunflower oil. Why the name? 'Jua' is Swahili for 'sunshine', and it's definitely an uplifting blend - a ray of sunshine on a winter's day, actually, with notes of bergmot, freesia, rose, apricot, mint, frankincense, on a base of cedarwood, vanilla and vetiver. One of the challenges of a natural fragrance is that they often don't last on the skin - but this definitely has longevity on the skin.

Trilogy has long been committed to 'giving back', and this limited edition scent is no exception: it benefits the So They Can charity, which works to empoer and educate communities in Africa - helping women towards self-sufficiency, in this case, through sustainable enterprise: the sunflower oil comes from So They Can's Tanzanian farmers.

Which makes it pretty note-perfect, in our book.


UK readers find Trilogy Jua at£13.50 for 7.5 ml

For more info about So They Can, visit

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