Travalo Excel

Who wants to lug around big bottles of their favourite scents? Not us. So we're massive converts to the joys of the Travalo atomiser, into which you can decant up to 65 sprays of a favourite scent, to slip in your handbag - or hand luggage. (We really don't want our favourite scents confiscated at check-in, thanks.)

First, though, an admission. Obviously being bears of small brain here, the first time we used a Travalo we couldn't make it work. Flung it across the room in frustration. Because we were doing it all wrong, trying to attach the 'spray' end of both the Travalo, and the bottle we were seeking to fill it from.

In fact, you simply place the bottom of the Travalo over the nozzle of your fragrance, having first removed - and carefully placed aside - the metal spray bit. (That's a technical term, NB.) Then pump away a few times, and voilà! One decant of your fave scent.

Now we keep several on the go at once - and the many different colours of the Travalo ensure we never mix them up.

Just brilliant - so we're really not surprised they've sold over 10 million of these, and counting.

UK readers find Travalo Excel at£12.49 each - buy here