Topshop The Face Collection

TOPSHOP fans – and we definitely count ourselves in that gang – know the store isn’t just about fabulous, affordable, on trend fashion. As Cassie Mystkowski told us, ‘customers know us as a colour brand for lips and nails’. Now, impelled by Cassie who identified facial cosmetics as the biggest missing area in the offering when she joined two years ago, TOPSHOP has launched its first facial beauty collection, called simply The Face. The Face Collection is designed to give you the lightest, most natural, no make-up look and feel. There are two Primers (Airbrush and Colour Correcting, both £12), a Concealer Palette (with three different concealers and a Setting Powder, brilliant value at £12) plus The Concealer, £10, a stand-alone lightweight ‘instant imperfection easer’.

Then there’s the hero product - The Foundation, the lightest silkiest base you ever did try, which yet manages to give even medium coverage. It will cost you just £16, which makes it the Beauty Steal of the year, we think.

Topshop CassieAlthough her title is Beauty Buyer, Cassie’s background is in skincare and product development, with stints at Sanctuary Spa and L’Oréal, where she worked on Revitalift. But creating The Foundation was a huge challenge, she admits. ‘The company wasn't prepared to [fund research] into a product with 20 different colours. But TOPSHOP is an international brand, known for speaking to all sort of different ethnicities so we had to find a self-adjusting formula, which would work with a limited number of shades [there are just five, which span the range of skin tones].’

Her formulators didn't like the challenge much, she remembers. ‘When I briefed them, they told me “basically you are dreaming…'  Cassie stuck to her guns and a few weeks later, they told her there was a new micronized pigment that might help. ‘It’s so microscopically tiny it becomes self-adjusting. The pigments fill in those minute pits in everyone’s skin so that it self-levels. But because the raised bits are not covered the natural skin colour comes through. It totally evens everything out so it gives you a really smooth effect.’

(Just in case you needed to know - the publicity blurb explains that ‘The Foundation has been developed with advanced micronized silicone coated pigments to ensure optimum skin tone adaptability, adjusting to each wearer’s own personalised shade…’.)

As Cassie says, it is ‘really, really clever, like the Giorgio Armani technology but a lot cheaper’. When TOPSHOP sampled it on 50 of their loyal customers and staff at head office, it came out top of any foundation anyone had ever tried. Here at Beauty Bible, we are really very impressed indeed...

The Face Collection by TOPSHOP Beauty has launched at, selected TOPSHOP and John Lewis stores nationwide, also Selfridges Oxford Street, priced £0.00 - 0.00 - buy here