Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection

On Beauty Bible Loves we usually cherry-pick the items we’re most enraptured with from a brand’s latest colour story – but quite simply, we love this entire Tom Ford collection. At the launch, Jo almost had to be physically restrained from getting her hands on it and applying it to her face, before the PR had started talking fellow beauty editors through the limited edition collection.  (NB  It may surprise you that 99.9% of beauty editors don't do this, but instead smear on their hands or forearms.  Which in our book doesn't give a clue as to how the products will appear and perform, on your features.)

It’s sexy.  It’s sultry.  It makes skin look fabulous.  And no, it’s not cheap, but we get such amazing cost-per-wear out of anything Tom Ford in our make-up bags that we think of it as an investment, not a splurge.  So, taking it from the top...

Tom Ford Skin Illuminator, in Fire Lust.  A gorgeous, shimmering pinky-peach shade which adds a touch of very flattering luminescence to skin.  Highlighters only work, in our book, in summer:  winter skin can be dewy but never glimmer, but summer’s light calls for a different finish.  Add a whisper to cheekbones, bridge of nose, anywhere you want to highlight.  £0.00 – buy here

Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Colour, in Blush Guilt.  This also comes in Bronzed Amber, but we love the beautiful soft pink:  instant health and radiance.  £0.00 – buy here

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes, in Escapade.  We wouldn’t put this all over the lid (shimmer needs to be kept well away from lines and wrinkles), but pearlised peachy Escapade is brilliant on the inner corner of the eyes, to open them up.  £0.00 – buy here 

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer, in Vapor.  Jo’s favourite nail colour in a long, long time - possibly forever.  (And our manicurist Estelle Gold, at John Frieda, has actually written to Tom Ford’s PR to say how impressed she is with the smooth, easy-glide texture and the brush.)  This is basically pearls for nails:  hugely flattering on older hands, because what you look at is the deep, gleaming fingertips, not the Madonna-esque veins!  £0.00 – buy here

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer, in Pink Lust.  Pearlised shades really are the order of the summer’s day at Tom Ford, as you can tell:  again, a 100% pretty pink, given gleaming depth by pulverised golden pearls.  £0.00 – buy here

This whole collection would be amazing on a tropical summer evening, with a tan – but we simply couldn’t wait till then so have been adding little hints of glimmer and shimmer to our everyday spring/summer make-up.

Very fetching, too.  So what we suggest is getting yourself to the nearest Tom Ford counter - and don't sit on your hands, because it IS limited edition - and asking the make-up pros to demo the Summer 2013 collection on you.

We've a hunch you'll love it as much as Beauty Bible does.

Find the whole collection on-line at here