Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Body and Bath

Not long ago, beauty companies were withdrawing their scented body collections right left and centre. 'Layering' was becoming ever-more-difficult. (The rationale: we want 'high-performance' - i.e. firming and smoothing - bodycare, nowadays.) But happily for those of us who just want to wallow in the top-to-toe gloriousness of our fave scents, that trend seems to be reversing. Enter Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Collection, with two delectable body products. In addition to the Signature Collection eau de parfum itself, you'll find a nourishing Body Moisturiser and - oh, a real treat - Jasmin Rouge Bath Soap. (It lasts aeons.)

Infused with this voluptuous, spiced floral, they open with a burst of bright bergamot, mandarin, black and white pepper, before the white floral heart swoops in: sambac jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang - and then those warming base notes of vanilla, leather, woods and amber.

Just yummy.

Definitely Christmas present prices, these - but we suggest dropping massive hints to Santa.

UK readers find the Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Collection at £24 for Bath Soap to £142 for 50 ml eau de parfum - buy here