Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil

As Movember moves on, chances are that his stubble's turned to whiskers. Or maybe, with the oh-so-fashionable sprouting of facial hair generally, you're co-habiting with a beard or moustache.

Well, what he's saving on razors, he might like to indulge himself with a bottle of this very chic Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil. You condition the hair on your head - so why not on the chin/face? The blend of almond, grapeseed and jojoba oil nourishes in an entirely non-greasy way, actually - and we recommend application with the special Tom Ford Beard Comb, ideally. (Great for removing crumbs, NB, which always spoil a moustache-d look.)

And if he's fund-raising for Movember? Give him a congratulatory smacker, from us.

UK readers find Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil and Tom Ford Beard Comb at£40 for XX ml and £28 for the Comb - buy here