Tiziana Terenzi candles

Funny how we hardly ever burn a scented candle in summer - but now that the nights are drawing in, they just feel so right again. Tiziana Terenzi is a brand that Jo recently explored in Florence.  They're using an innovative technology called Air Therapy®, which ensures that when the candles are burned, water's also released to humdify the room.

The 20% concentration of aromatic essences means the room's pumped full of fragrance, too (nothing worse than a wimpy scented candle you've paid a small fortune for - and it's often happened to us).

What else we really like, though, is the unique wooden wick - which makes a crackling, fireside-y sound when the candle's burned.  (Especially the magnificent giant-sized candle, which is our lust-object-of-the-moment).

The fragrance Jo fell for is XIX March.  In parts of Italy, a large bonfire's built at the end of winter to get rid of twigs and brush, and make room for spring.  This somehow combines that smokiness with gusts of fresh-spring flowers, and is out of this world.  Other scents are cool-in-every-way Spicy Snow, uplifting Mediterranean, opulent Gold Rose Oud and grandma's kitchen-esque Almond and Vanilla.

You can currently find them in the new Fortnum & Mason Candle room (for more info about that, watch this space).

Crackling good stuff.

UK readers find Tiziana Terenzi candles at www.fortnumandmason.com/from £55