Time Bomb Cosmetics Holiday in a Bottle

Now nothing can stop that natural summer glow from fading.  This, for sure, is our favourite complexion-booster in a long while:  a lightweight lotion with a near-miraculous (not a phrase we use lightly) action.  Press the pump, and a pearly white, lightweight cream appears from the nozzle.  Massage lightly into skin and hey, presto!  It delivers a shade that totally mirrors the colour your skin naturally, in the sun.  (The secret:  micro-pigments which burst on touch, spreading the sheer veil of colour evenly and seamlessly over the skin.)  We're using the lighter Sunkissed shade (there's also Suntanned for more bronzed goddesses), and loving its radiantly healthy glow.  So next time someone says, 'I wish this summer could go on forever' - well, now it almost can! UK readers find Time Bomb Cosmetics Holiday in a Bottle at www.victoriahealth.com/£28 for 30 ml - buy here