This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir

We're massive fans of This Works body serums - and this new one's become a summer favourite. It's called 'golden', but in fact, the particles of shimmer are so teeny that what they really do is bounce back light from the skin, making it look healthy, nourished - and definitely younger.

The gold, so we're told, also has a collagen-stimulating action, and in the beautifully aromatic, silky, sinks-in-swiftly serum you'll also find clary sage (skin-regenerating), antioxidant rose and patchouli, aloe (for soothing), chamomile - plus vitamin A, for its age-defying action.

We're using it every night as an anti-ageing body treatment (will report back!), and the pleasure factor's off-the-scale. But it's also completely brilliant when you glance down and notice skin looks a bit dry and dusty. A couple of squirts, smoothed into skin - and hey, presto!

You're dewy. And not disco-y, at all.

UK readers find This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir at£45 for 120 ml - buy here