This Works In Transit No Traces

We're about to eat our own words, at Beauty Bible. For years we have bleated on at women not to be lazy and use cleansing pads/wipes - and then these come along.  From Kathy Phillips's  This Works range (to which we are slavishly and enduringly devoted), they are super-, super-effective, but really, really kind to skins, too.  (There's allantoin in there, a renowned soother.)  It seems miraculous to us that they also remove eye make-up as well as they do.  But they just do.

In Transit No Traces - from a fantastic, innovative new 'collection' aimed at travelling beauties - are lightly infused with rose water and water mint, so the scent's as refreshing as the feel of these slim pads on the face.

They've definitely brought out our lazy side.  (And we weren't even sure we had one!)

UK readers find This Works In Transit No Traces at£17 for 60 pads - buy here