This Works Dream Team

Too excited to sleep in the run-up to Christmas?  (Or lying there stressed at the thought of all there is to do, more like?) Well, This Works 'sleep aids' really work (we wouldn't be without them) - and this duo is just brilliant for  if you have trouble nodding off due to a racing mind, or wake up at 2 a.m. and can't get back to sleep.  (It's been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, help people drop off quicker - and deliver more restful sleep.)

Spritz the spray onto the pillow (it's divinely scented with lavender, vetiver and chamomile), and swirl the Deep Sleep Stress Less rollerball onto your pulse-points.  (The 5 ml size of each is perfect for travel.)

When you check into the Crowne Plaza, you'll find this duo on the pillow - across the whole chain of hotels.  That's how convinced they are that this helps guests to enjoy deeper, less ruffled zzzzzs.

We can't think of a nicer stocking filler - or gift to self - than better sleep.

UK readers find This Works Dream Team at£10 - buy here