This Works Deep Sleep Supersize Pillow Spray

This is a must-have for our bedsides, because in our experience a few spritzes on the pillow really does beckon sleep sooner, and encourage deeper zzzzzs.  In fact, we've found it completely transformative.  (We're both fussy sleepers.) So we've rushed to stock up on the limited edition 'giant-sized' (well, 250 ml) This Works Deep Sleep Supersize Pillow Spray, so that we can spray even more generously on bedlinen, nightclothes etc. (NB it's great sprayed on the outside of sleep eye masks, too).  There is something incredibly soothing about closing our eyes and breathing deeply the blend of wild chamomile, vetiver and lavender.  And before we know it? We've nodded off.

We often give it to friends who are sleeping badly - or just want to make even more of their beauty sleep - and never fail to get glowing comments about it.

So is 'kip' proving elusive?  Can't recommend this highly enough. (And do e-mail and let us know your own experiences, too…)

UK readers find Limited Edition This Works Deep Sleep Supersize Pillow Spray at£30 for 250 ml - buy here