This Works Deep Sleep Body Therapy

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Deep Sleep collection has literally changed our lives. Not our waking hours, but our sleeping hours. And this is true for so many people that the Deep Sleep collection - which we believe really, truly lives up to its name (as regular readers of this website will know) - keeps on growing, with new ways to deliver its aromatherapeutic cargo of sleep-inducing essential oils.

We're massive fans of the Deep Sleep Body Oil - but as with all oils, it can be a bit messy, getting on your nightie and/or sheets. We don't really mind: it simply infuses the fabric with the potent essential oils of vetiver, lavender and wild chamomile - but it's not everyone's cup of Horlicks.

Still, for a non-messy but equally effective alternative, there's this new spray on 'Body Therapy' - actually, a featherlight body milk that mists onto skin, and sinks in super-fast, veiling skin in non-sticky moisture and the power of those oils.

Our bedside tables are literally an arsenal of This Works Deep Sleep weapons in the fight against insomnia: pillow sprays, oils - and now this. (Not to mention the Deep Sleep bath oil, which stays bath-side.)

But if you've ever had trouble nodding off, or found yourself awake with a whirring mind at 2 a.m. - and we've SO been there - we can't recommend too highly that you get yourself some Deep Sleep.

UK readers find This Works Deep Sleep Body Therapy at£20 for 100 ml - buy here