This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is one of our beauty essentials. And with good reason:  we recently attended a This Works presentation at which they revealed some impressive research stats about how helpful it had proved in getting people to sleep, relieving anxiety and just generally making people sleep more deeply, and with fewer interruptions.  83% of those taking part (and they were all ages) found they fell asleep faster after using the spray.  78% felt they had a deeper sleep, and 75% - very notable, this - reported they felt less anxious in the day, after using the product.  The results for the placebo sprays were absolutely minimal, by comparison.

All of which reflects our own first-hand experiences.  (And is also why the Crowne Plaza hotel group offers the spray as part of their amenity kit to guests worldwide.)

So any mother (or grandmother) will want to know about this addition to the 'sleep' range.  It uses a very delicate blend of the same essential oils as the original - high-altitude lavender, chamomile and vetiver - to encourage good sleep from the very early days.  (As children's nurse and sleep expert Kathleen McGrath observes, 'Children who sleep well tend to grow into adults who sleep well - sleep is a skill that we need to encourage as soon as possible.')

Simply mist onto pillow - and other bedding - and see for yourself how it helps waft a small person sleep-wards.

Though of course, it works on adults too.


UK readers find This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray at£16 for 75 ml - buy here