The Pro Hygiene Collection

The spring cleaning season may not yet truly be upon us – but at Beauty Bible we believe it’s never too soon to start keeping your make-up kit scrupulously clean, to prevent breakouts and cross-infections.  Created in the UK, this range includes a Makeup Antibacterial Spray (ideal for powders, pigments, cream and gel products and lipstick bullets), a Hand Sanitizer (which kills 99.99% of bacteria) and an excellent, easy-to-use Makeup Brush Cleaner:  simply spritz generously onto natural or synthetic brushes, then wipe on a Kleenex.  If you ever share make-up with with anyone this range is a godsend – but we think the spray’s a handbag must-have for beauty shopping expeditions, to eliminate the risk of picking up an eye or skin infection from in-store testers. The Pro Hygiene Collection/£6.50 – 15 at - buy here