The Perfume Society Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box

As many of you know, Beauty Bible co-author Jo (Fairley) set up The Perfume Society last year, organising events up and down the country for perfume-lovers, offering an online magazine about fragrance (The Scented Letter, which recently won a Judges' Special Recognition Award in The Jasmine Awards), and - a very popular element - regular 'discovery boxes' which showcase fragrances so that you can try before you buy, exploring the fragrances in depth via special 'Smelling Notes'. (It's like a wine society, but for perfume.) We thought you'd like to know about the latest of these - 'Beautiful Blossoms' - which showcases samples of 11 gorgeously petal-powered perfumes, including philosophy amazing grace, Jimmy Choo Blossom, Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin, Fragonard JasminChloé Love Story and La Perla Peony Blossom (among others), together with a very generous 50ml size of Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream (which is worth £6 in itself).

You'll also receive a pack of special blotters, for smelling, and a set of those 'Smelling Notes'.

It's a great way to discover, explore and enjoy some new favourites... And a lot less overwhelming to the senses than walking into a department store perfumery, where it's so hard to know where to start...!

UK readers find The Perfume Society Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box at£15 to non-VIP Subscribers, just £10 to Subscribers (you can also join here)