The Bruzz

Sick of that manky nail brush lurking grubbily on the basin? Enter the BruzZ. Invented by a woman (why are we so not surprised?), who also happens to be a nail professional, Emma Myers, the BruzZ’s effective rubbery bristles point inwards.

You place your fingers in the ‘slot’, rub back and forth – and hey, presto:  clean nails.  A quick rinse and you leave it to dry on the basin, awaiting your next scrub session.

Slightly weirdly, it’s also scented – with vanilla. And yes, that transfers to your fingertips, ever-so-slightly. Not quite sure how long the vanilla-y-ness lasts, but if you spot some strange women sniffing their fingertips on the Tube, that’s probably us.

So when it comes to beauty, nice to know that it is possible to reinvent the wheel. Or at least, the nail brush…

UK readers find BruzZ Nail Brush at£11.95 – buy here