The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub and Body Butter

If you like raspberry jam - we do, we do (you can keep your strawberry flavour!) - you'll find these positively mouthwatering. We've never before sat in the tub buffing our body with something that looks and smells so exactly like a giant tub of raspberry jam (albeit much less sticky), but that's exactly what the experience is with Body Shop's limited edition new bodycare collection. The scrub's fantastic, leaving skin super-smooth - and subtly, repeat, subtly scented with raspberry. It's also perfectly 'prepped' for lashings of rich, creamy Body Butter (with a 24-hour hydrating action that we've checked out - and it does deliver on its promises). There are other treats in the range, but these are our luscious faves. Harvest them at Body Shop stores while stocks last.

UK readers find The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub and Body Butter at£12.50 for the scrub and £13 for the butter, each 200 ml - buy here