The Body Shop Hemp Handcare

We remember when Anita Roddick first told us about the well-nigh miraculous properties of hemp, back in the late 90s.  And no, she didn’t mean the type you smoke… As usual with Anita (a dear friend who we still miss for her enthusiasm and passionate championing of causes from fair trade to saving whales) there were no full stops at all and precious few commas.  Hemp was just the new magic ingredient.

So a wave of delighted nostalgia came over us when we went to a recent Body Shop launch and found…  Hemp Intensive Hand Butter and Hemp Hand Protector, both featuring Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil!

The Butter is, as it says on the label, for ‘heavy duty hydration’ of very dry skin and best used at bedtime, though it’s not that somewhat oily heavy consistency you often get with butters and sinks in fairly fast.  The Hemp Hand Protector disappears almost instantly leaving skin really velvety;  it’s perfect for leaving by every basin.

While you’re in a Body Shop near you (, do check out the new make-up too:  there are some fab eye shadows, and the blushes and lip glosses are delicious.

There's usually a branch handy.

UK readers find Hemp Intensive Hand Butter at£11 for 100 ml - buy here -  and find Hemp Hand Protector/from £5 for 30 ml - buy here US readers find them here