The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

If you've been neglecting your extremities in the freezing weather, you wouldn't be alone. But this is a good reason to pull of your Uggs, socks and tights and put back some much-needed moisture and nourishment. We've long enjoyed the Hemp range from Body Shop (and were reminded of its existence by a new, slightly silly hemp-leaf-shaped soap-on-a-rope that's just launched); you can read about our review of the Hemp Hand Protector, here. But we're glad it nudged us to revisit this ultra-rich cream, ultra-thick cream.

Slather it on at night (ideally after buffing feet a bit). Be really, really generous. We think you'll be amazed by how much softer (and therefore more comfortable to walk on) your feet are, after just a few hours of beauty sleep. There's a ton of cocoa butter, cannabis sativa seed oil (hemp oil) and castor oil, with a slightly medicinal thyme scent that we like. And since it comes in a  tin, it's travel-friendly. (We like to use it in-flight, too.)

Do it every night, and you'll have zero work to do when the sandal season swings around.

And it will, it really will - no matter how hard that is to believe right now.

UK readers find The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector at£10 for 100 ml