By Terry Baume de Rose Face Cream


Terry de Gunzburg now has a whole skin collection inspired by a lip balm – and it's not often you can say that. But the delicious swirl of roses in Baume de Rose balm has seduced so many women that Terry decided that what fans needed were more ways to wallow in its glorious scent of just-picked roses. This is just the most wonderful, comforting, caressing cream that it's a delight to several of the senses. And when you smooth the rich, almost cream-gel-like Baume de Rose Face Cream into skin, we swear you can feel it topping up the moisture in your cells. (It's great even for fragile complexions, keeping skin hydrated all day or night.) 95% of the women who tried it found the texture 'enveloping', with a non-sticky finish – and all found that it repaired their skin.

So: smooth it into your neck. Slather it onto your face. (However tempting it is virtually to bathe in this, there's no need to apply all over the body; Terry has a gorgeous Baume de Rose Body Cream and a Hand Cream – which we reviewed here – for that.) But while you're at it, close your eyes, breathe deep – and imagine yourself in a rose garden.

It won't take much for you to be right there.

By Terry Baume de Rose Face Cream/£55 for 50 ml at