Temple Spa Truffle Noir

Some of our lucky Beauty Bible testers (trialling products for our next update of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible) have already been given a preview of this. And if they’re enjoying it as much as we are, it might end up with a score to rival (if not exceed) Skin Truffle, its ‘sister’ cream, which is of course the highest-ranking miracle treatment we’ve ever trialled, in 17 years of Beauty Bible’s existence.

In a sexy black jar, Truffle Noir has similarly luxurious ingredients to the age-defying original (as you might expect at that price):  black truffle, platinum, champagne.  But we really like the instant benefits:  a gleaming, satin-matte radiance boost.  (Don't be put off by the pale grey colour of the cream when it's in the pot:  that disappears as soon as it's smoothed into skin).  This light, quickly-absorbed cream is completely brilliant under make-up, we've found - though it's actually designed to be used at night.

Apparently it is going down a storm with men - though we're much, much too mean to share ours.

And we've a hunch when the testers' results are in that our friends at Temple Spa will be diverting a bottle of champagne from the production line - and pouring it into glasses, rather than jars...

UK readers find Temple Spa Truffle Noir at www.victoriahealth.com/£80 for 50 ml - buy here

PS  It comes in a rather extravagant perspex outer box, which might seem a bit wasteful - but we've upcycled ours as the perfect, flip-top, rather glamorous container for paper clips.