Ted Baker Miami Candle and Diffuser

Fond of a flamingo, us - that instant 'Miami Beach' vibe, which inspired this collection from Ted Baker, who moved into home fragrance a few months ago. If you're thinking of giving your house a summer 'makeover' (out with the brocade, in with bright coloured throws and beach-y touches), this latest in the collection - which was inspired by six of Ted Baker's favourite cities around the world - features juicy notes of star apple and passion fruit, conjuring up white sandy beaches and (to us) sticky drinks with cute umbrellas! And once the candle's flickered its last, we'll be reusing the container as a vase. As authors of The Green Beauty Bible and The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, upcycling rules! UK readers find Ted Baker Miami Candle and Diffuser at www.johnlewis.com/£28 for the candle and £35 for the diffuser