Tattoo Secret

So the Christmas party’s beckoning.  You’ve got the strapless dress.  But you’re fretting about your colleagues discovering your dragon tattoo.  (Or your seagull.  Or the name of your first love, which you’re still contemplating having lasered away.) Tattoo Secret was developed with the help of professional skin camouflage expert Maggie Richards, from the Dermatology Department at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The kit contains everything you need to know to magic away your guilty-or-otherwise secret:  a highly-concealing cream, the brush to apply it – and the all-important setting powder, to ensure the powder holds tight while you party till dawn.  Two shades:  for Fair or Medium skintone.

And obviously, it’s also perfect for brides who’d like to go bare-armed – but are worried Great-Aunt Violet will have to reach for the smelling salts when she spots your tatt.

UK readers find Tattoo Secret at£29.99 – buy here