Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen

Anyone for a khaki eyebow? Now, before you send the men in white coats, this is just a revelation.

A fine-tipped felt pen with which to 'feather on' brushstrokes to accentuate a brow.  The finish is way more realistic than a pencil, a powder or any other brow-accentuator we've seen.

This would be an amazing boon to anyone who's lost their brows to chemo (or who over-plucked as an over-zealous teen), because the strokes are so damned lifelike.

Don't ask us why the khaki shade works so well (it honestly doesn't look green on the skin!) - it just does.

We were tipped off to this by Mary Greenwell, and are wowed.  There's a taupe shade, too, but do keep the faith and give the khaki a go...

UK readers find Suqqu Eyebrow Pen at£20 - buy here

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