Steam Cream

Once upon a glorious time, women could carry vanity cases packed with products for in-flight pampering through airport security. Now, every bottle or jar has to be carefully scrutinised to ensure it's under 100 ml - and with baggage charges sky-rocketing, the size and weight of toiletries packed in our suitcases is something to angst about, when packing.

This is when multi-tasking products really come into their own - and they don't come much more multi-tasking than Steam Cream.  A simple, skin-friendly formula, it works on face, body, hands.  The lightweight, beautifully moisturising formula features glycerine, oatmeal, almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba - and comes in an eminently packable tin.

What we love, though, is the constantly changing packaging.  Same product, different tin.  Steam Cream just launched a new Zodiac series.  You don't have to be Shelley von Strunckel to predict a sell-out.

UK readers find Zodiac Steam Cream at£12.95 for 75 g - buy here