St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil

Truly this is one of the easy-peasiest ways to apply a self-tanner we've ever had the pleasure of encountering. Pleasure? With a self-tanner? Absolutely. It glides on as a shimmering dry oil, sinking in almost immediately, and leaving skin with a touch of instant colour.

It's incredibly pleasantly-scented (whiffs of lemongrass, we got), and the colour's amazing. We applied it overnight, bathed in the morning - and were left with a truly realistic glow which lasted for about five days. It's also done us proud in a couple of bare-leg emergencies, as the temperature's soared and tights have been thrown to the spring breeze.

For deeper colour, just reapply at the time - or as required.

Best, as with all self-tans, on skin that's been pre-moisturised - and of course we buffed away at the bits that colour can build up on, like heels and elbows.

But all in all one of summer's shining stars, we predict.

UK readers find St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil at£25 for 100 ml - buy here