Soapsmith Bath Soaks

Bliss, bliss and double-bliss. Truly, that’s the only way we can communicate the delectableness of these bath soaks, which are made by a small, hand-crafted beauty brand we’ve just been introduced to.  Soapsmith takes the names of its fragrances from areas of London.  (Think:  Brick Lane, which is all peppery, ambery and sandalwood-y, or invigorating Limehouse, with its kick of lime, lemongrass and litsea cubeba, while Camden Town is coconut, bergamot and a whisper of musk.)

There are nine scents altogether and we’re very keen on the whole range – the Body Butter Melts are luscious – but this sense-delighting bath treat is really something.

The Bloomsbury Bath Soak (as trialled by Jo) has the most perfect, dewy, tea rose fragrance;  it’s what bathing in roses really ought to be like. (There are a few real rose petals in there, but not enough to make it a hassle to clean the bath afterwards.)

Amy wallowed in the Lavender Hill:  relaxing and rebalancing, again with teeny particles of lavender.  The fragrances fill the whole bathroom with but one scoop tossed under running water, making the soaks rather a good deal compared to those which require half a tub to be poured in, in order to get any effect.

Skin-silkifying, too.

Maybe make that triple-bliss, then…?

UK readers find Soapsmith Bath Soaks at£12 for 350 ml – buy here (the range is priced from £6 for the soaps to £12 for the bath and body treats)