Soap & Glory Orangeasm™

We love Marcia Kilgore, Soap & Glory's founder. Literally love her;  she rarely puts a FitFlop-ped foot wrong, in our opinion - but even by her standards, Marcia's excelled herself with the new put-a-smile-on-your-face Orangeasm™ range. There's a real wake-you-up Super Tonic Fragrance - an utterly gorgeous burst of citrus (reminds us of a long-lost L'Artisan Parfumeur love, actually).

And for bodies, there are whacking great sizes of Orangeasm™ Body Wash and Orangeasm Body Butter, which has claimed a (rather large) space on our bedside tables: luscious, velvety, skin-nourishing - and with a delectably zingy scent, like the rest of the range.

Perfect for layering, perfect for summer - and perfect, we hope, for putting a smile on your face, too.

UK readers find Soap & Glory Orangeasm™ at £6.50 - 12 - buy here