Soap & Glory One Night Tanned

Never, never, never have we worn opaques in May before.  That, however, is the story of spring 2013.  (Or should we say:  ‘spring’.) Then all of the sudden, just when you’re all bundled up, the sun comes out and you have to whip your tights off.  Right now.  (At those moments we sometimes feel like we have X -ray vision, able to see the balled-up tights in women’s handbags as they walk down the street.)

For those precious sunny moments, though, this new offering from Soap & Glory is go-to product if you don’t want legs that look like they’ve spent six moths under a stone.

Our experience of ‘leg tints’ is that they are often drying – but reach for S&G’s instant, wash-off tanner and you’ll enjoy its revolutionary texture:  it’s a ‘buttergel’.  So you get the sheer, bronzed, can’t-tell-it-from-a-real-tan effect of a gel - but with a forgiving, super-smooth, moisturising texture, thanks to shea and illipe butters, and coconut oil.  Yet it washes clean away again with soap and water.

So:  will tomorrow be a Wolfords or a bare-leg day?  Whichever, our legs are ready.

UK readers find Soap & Glory One Night Tanned at£8 for 150 ml - buy here