Skinny Dip iPhone Covers

Friends and family, look away now. It may still be eight months till Christmas, but we've already ticked a few names on our list with these amazing iPhone covers, spotted during our recent day-long book-signing session in Fenwick. (Jo and Sarah almost had a fight over who was getting what, since identical covers would make for iConfusion.) Yes, as Jo's husband pointed out, her new jewel-encrusted phone cover has more than doubled both the weight and the thickness of her iPhone. 'All that effort Steve Jobs went to, to get it as slim as possible...'

Does she give a damn? No, because since buying it, about 20 people have stopped her and asked where to buy it, and half of John Frieda's Aldford Street salon stylists appear to have made their own subsequent pilgrimages to Bond Street. (The Skinny Dip website, if you can't get to Fenwick, is below.)

We literally smile every time we pick up our phones. And we know that come 25th December - though it may be a long, l-o-n-g way off - Skinny Dip will be bringing smiles to the lips of quite a few of our beloveds, too.

UK readers find Skinny Dip iPhone Covers/£4-£18 at Fenwick of Bond Street or - buy here