SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5

Last week was declared National Moisturiser Week on - but in truth, not everyone wants to ditch a favourite moisturiser, even when it's not quite proving skin-quenching enough.  (We all get very attached to smells and textures.) So:  here's a clever way to turbo-charge the moisturising power of your favourite cream or lotion, just while skin needs an extra drink.  It is packed to the rafters with hyaluronic acid, which we bleat on about endlessly because in our experience nothing rivals its skin-quenching, skin-plumping powers.  (We take it internally as well as applying it to our skins.)  There's vitamin B5, too, for skin health, and some humectant glycerine (which attracts moisture from the air).

Simply smooth a few drops of the serum into skin morning and evening, and apply your beloved moisturiser as usual.

The clear serum revs up its moisturising power so, so effectively.  In fact, if we were Jeremy Clarkson, we'd probably say it turned your usual face cream from a Fiat 500 into a Ferrari.

(Though thank heavens we're not, eh...?)

Skinceuticals like their products to be prescribed at consultants with skin professionals (click here to enquire about locations) - but nevertheless UK readers can find SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 at£59 for 30 ml - buy here