Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner

Don't know about you, but being New Year and all, we've been on a bit of a purge:  blitzing cupboards, getting to the bottom of the laundry basket, taking boxes of books to Oxfam - and generally spring-cleaning. And this is a really brilliant product for removing grime, gunk and built-up product from make-up brushes. We know we ought to do this very regularly - but (confession time!) even as beauty editors, we're guilty of letting that slide a bit.  Well, no excuses now:  this makes the task really easy, cleaning thoroughly without rinsing.

Pour a little of the cleaner into a small glass, swish the bristles and then press onto tissue or soft cloth to re-shape them.  Then just leave the brushes to dry naturally.

Ideally, every week.  But failing that, every January...

UK readers find Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner at£12.50 for 120 ml - buy here